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    2012 meeting of Honeywell Union Council

We Won't Let Honeywell Put Profits Before Worker Safety

USW 7-669
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The USW local 7-669 has about 150 members at the Honeywell Plant in Metropolis, IL.  Our plant processes uranium and we work around many extremely dangerous and deadly chemicals.  Together, with the support of our community, we have the strength in numbers to stand up against their unconscionable corporate greed.  We have no fear of raising ALL safety issues with Honeywell, OSHA, NRC, and the EPA.  This helps the plant runs as safely as possible while protecting our members from unfair treatment.  We are the guardians of safety.

News from the plant


Metropolis, IL – Honeywell began busing in its salary and contract workforce this morning.  The company has also doubled the amount of supervision around the clock. Negotiations continue this week with the union and while both parties have remained markedly professional at the bargaining table, they remain far apart on several key issues.
“We have remained committed to bargaining in good faith to bring a fair contract to our members,” said United Steelworkers Local 7-669 President, Stephen Lech.  “It now appears that Honeywell is more interested in intimidating our members with a show of force in preparation for a labor dispute than in bargaining for a settlement with the union.”

Negotiation Update 7/29/2014

Counter proposals were exchanged today on discipline, recognition, job rules, and probation.  We are still a long way from an agreement on these issues.  We talked a lot about health insurance and job rules.  We are working hard on a solution that is fair.  The company will begin to ratchet up their actions tomorrow.  Remain calm and stay strong!!!

Negotiation Update 7/28/2014

Today’s bargaining was not very eventful.  The company gave us unacceptable counter proposals on seniority, subcontracting, benefits, job rules, and hours of work.  We countered on subcontracting and seniority.  We were able to TA Article 2 on management.  There will be some more information coming out tomorrow from the CAT Team.

Negotiation Update 7/27/14

Counter proposals were exchanged on union business, leaves of absence, subcontracting, and core work.  We are far apart on many issues.  We have a bargaining update going out tomorrow.  The main issues are core work, subcontracting, health insurance, and job security.

Negotiation Update 7/26/14

Today’s negotiations did not yield many results.  We exchanged proposals with the company on leaves of absence and union business.  We are waiting on the company on nearly all of the proposals.

Negotiation Update 7/25/2014

Today counter proposals were exchanged on holidays and vacation. We are close on several issues  We talked with the company about benefits, including the insurance.  This is going to be a major issue and we are working hard to find a solution that is fair for our members.

Negotiation Update 7/24/2014

Counter proposals were exchanged today on jury duty, nondiscrimination, management rights, interruptions of work, recognition, and subcontracting and that’s when things slowed down. The company’s proposal seeks to contract out over half of the bargaining unit! This is not acceptable! Unless you work in the FMB the company believes you are disposable!

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