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March and Rally in Metropolis, Illinois!!

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The two day negotiation session between Honeywell Corp. and United Steelworkers Local 7-669 has ended without an agreement.  The union is disappointed that the company brought no new proposals to the table.

USW District 7 Director, Mike Millsap, said, "It’s unfortunate that Honeywell is refusing to compromise in any capacity.  We have remained willing to address the companies concerns and have offered multiple proposals doing so, but have been met with nothing but no answers and refusals to do any actual negotiating.

Honeywell Management brings no new proposals to October 2nd bargaining

Today, our Union and the company met for the first time since August.  You may recall that the Union released a statement on August 26th here announcing the next round of bargaining and explaining that the company would not have any counter-proposals and instead demanded that we vote on their previous offer.  The company got upset about our statements and released a letter of their own August 26th here stating that we were spreading misinformation and they would be responding to our proposals.

Then, Plant Manager Jim Pritchett released this letter complaining about the Union's upcoming march and rally stating that we should be focused on bargaining, not a rally.  Well today our Union showed up ready to bargain with the company and in their regular dishonest fashion they showed up with their same old proposal.  There were no changes.  This is apparently their idea of bargaining and it will not result in an agreement.  

The company refuses to address the Union's concerns about job security, grievance and arbitrations, lay-off and recall, job biding, temporary job assignments, qualifications, seniority, medical exams, work hours, overtime, mandatory on-call, leaves of absence, subcontracting, vacations, use of cameras in break areas, safety equipment, holidays, use of FMLA, health insurance for active employees and retirees, and discipline. 


On September 30, Honeywell posted a letter to employees on its metropolis-works website, available to the public, emphasizing communication to the United Steelworkers “to reinforce to the local union leadership to be committed and take these bargaining sessions seriously.”

United Steelworkers District 7 Director, Mike Millsap, upon learning of the letter said, “There is no need for the International Union to reinforce anything to the local leadership, the local leadership has been committed to reaching an agreement fair and equitable to our members and the International stands behind them one hundred percent.

“Local leadership has remained professional in all bargaining sessions.  The union’s focus from day one has been to reach an agreement.  Honeywell has had the option since the first of August to allow our members to operate the plant while we work on reaching an agreement, but chose to lock us out.”

Negotiations between Honeywell and United Steelworkers Local 7-669 are set to resume October 2nd and 3rd.  If the company does not want our members in the street then they need to address their needs and put them back to work.

Is Honeywell Hiding Injuries?

This week our union received a call from a contractor letting us know that while performing a wash out of the GF2(Gaseous Fluorine) Plant at least 3 people contracted burns and that the wash out wasn't being performed correctly.  On top of that, the contractor said that contract employees who were injured at the plant were told to say that they were injured away from the plant.  This does not come as a surprise as Honeywell continues to attempt to claim that operations are going well and people are working safe....


USW 7-669 members rally outside Honeywell's D.C. offices.
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On September 25, 2014, members and leaders of United Steelworkers Local 7-669 visited Washington, D.C. lobbying firms of Akin Gump, OB C Group, McBee Strategic, and Duberstein Group, as well as Honeywell’s Washington corporate offices.

The actions come as the lockout at the Metropolis, IL uranium conversion facility nears the end of the second month.  Honeywell has ramped up political spending over the last several years has spent nearly 6 million dollars on the current election cycle alone, and has a major lobbying presence in the nation’s capital.

The group of Steelworkers from Metropolis made attempts to meet with and deliver letters to the above mentioned lobby firms, which Honeywell has hired along with their on in house lobby team, and also held a demonstration outside Honeywell’s Washington, D.C. headquarters.

USW 7-669 is receiving unprecedented international support!

Since being locked out by Honeywell on midnight August 1st, we have received an unprecedented amount of international support.  If you haven't checked out the new tab on our home page, you can see it be clicking here.

We would like to give a sincerel thank you to all of the organizations that have pledged support.

Rally in Superman's hometown on October 11th! Come support the locked out members of USW 7-669!

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Rally in Superman's hometown in support of the women and men of steel.

On October 11, join us for a march and rally in Metropolis, Illinois as we tell Honeywell to end the lockout and put the members of USW 7-669 back to work.

USW 7-669 in 2014 Labor Day parade

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This years Metropolis Labor Day parade was a huge success.  Members of our Local Union, their families, and several retirees showed up to march together with our float.  A very special thanks to Miranda Ramage and Keith Markus for all your hard work putting this years float together and to Luckie Atkinson for volunteering to tow it in the parade. (Click story title for more photos.)

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