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USW Members Ratify Labor Agreement to End 13-Month Lockout

Metropolis, Ill. (Aug. 3) – The United Steelworkers (USW) announced ratification of a new three-year agreement, ending a 13-month lockout by Honeywell International at the uranium processing plant in Metropolis, Ill., that is the largest conversion plant in the world to produce nuclear fuel for commercial reactors.

After a day-long vote yesterday at the union hall, USW Local 7-669 President Darrell Lillie said the membership approved the agreement, including a separate back to work provision.  He declared: “We fought one-day longer on all the core issues and won them to our satisfaction. All of us who were locked out by Honeywell in June of last year who want to go back to work are doing so with union pride, a union contract and union solidarity.”

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New picket schedule for March & April available now.

Please see the new picket schedule.  Click on story title for PDF file.



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Contractor at the Metropolis Honeywell facility activates disaster emergency alarm

Today, many of you may have heard the activation of Honeywell's disaster emergency alarm.  A contractor working in the feeds material building was attempting to turn on the the heating and air unit in the control room and somehow removed the key to the disaster siren switch and activated it instead.  After the siren began, the same contractor could not figure out how to turn the siren off.  According to the NRC, these contractors are all "qualified", however we find it hard to believe that a qualified employee didn't know the difference between the HVAC system and the disaster siren.  What button will they hit by mistake next?  Of course immediately after the siren, Honeywell announced that they were holding a drill.  The thing about that is that siren drills happen the first week of the month, not at a random time on a random day at the end of the month.  How will the community know when there is an emergency at the plant with this kind of behavior and lies?  We don't have that answer as long as the experienced workforce is locked out.

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New picket schedule for January and February available now          Sun, 12/26/2010 - 12:27am
Please review the new picket schedule.  Please note that it takes effect on Monday, January 3rd.  If you have any permanent shift trades, please e-mail them to:  A copy of it will be available under the downloads section of our site.

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November 23, 2010
As expected, the company decided again today not to negotiate in good faith with our committee.  Half of the day was spent talking about the vacation that we earned in '09 that they owe us.  After half a day of talking, the company decided they will pay us what the owe(they would have to anyway), and then put on their web site that they are doing us a favor by paying.  We offered them some options on their so called "seniority issues" and they let us know that they weren't interested and again wanted to know if we were ready to fold.  We don't look for there position to change for a while.
With cold weather fast approaching, we have temporary buildings with heat headed to the picket line.  Honeywell should know that through our struggles together we only get stronger, and will last one day longer than them.  The buildings were donated by Rick's Auto Sales and Frank Farmer Chevrolet, so if you have a chance, stop by and give them a big thank you.
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