July Archive

July 30, 2010
Green Salt is back running.  We know, who cares, right?  The food service personal might be in more trouble than at the plant.  Several cooks were spotted last weekend smoking cannabis at a local club.  If the temp workers keep it up, their short vacation to Metropolis might just turn into a long vacation in the penitentiary.  We are still needing volunteers for the August 7th rally.  If you would like to volunteer email this website or contact any CAT team member.
July 29, 2010
It looks like OSHA wants to know why Joe Johnson and the rest of management instructed people not to report injuries.  Maybe when OSHA figures it out they will fill the rest of us in.  Speaking of not reporting, a certain guard has not been reporting for work.   Looks like a scab infection.  Security is investigating a porn peddling ring in food service personal.
July 28, 2010
As if we didn't already know, we saw the company's true colors yesterday.  They do not care at all to make our loss their gain.  It looks like Green Salt is down again, although no one buys Green Salt anyway.  More planning is being done for the August 7th rally, details will be posted when available. 
July 27, 2010
Straight from the horses mouth, "UNEMPLOYMENT HAS BEEN APPROVED."  Negotiations were less than productive today.  Parties assembled at 8am, the committee offered a significant proposal and the company left at 8:30am.  The company returned to the table at 2:30PM and said they were not interested.  The company had NO NEW PROPOSALS!  Parties adjourned at approximately 3PM.  No scheduled negotiations until August 10th.  Our committee is more than willing to sit down with the company at any time and negotiate.  Negotiations are a two way highway not a one way street only going in the managements direction.  Our proposal had a wage package that was 3% lower than that of the company's, which they declined.  There are times for the Lockout and Defense committee on the Local Member Info page.
July 26, 2010
Just a short time line for the self proclaimed "safest workers in the industry."
5-13-10     Contractors entering Red Light area without Respirators
5-17-10     Contractors open SF6 line without line break permit
6-1-10      Management climbing on scaffolding without fall protection
6-3-10      Contract engineer received abrasion to face
6-10-10     Contractor left knife in coveralls, found in laundry
6-15-10     Contractor changed bolts on flange without LO/TO
6-18-10     Contractor(Shaw) walked through hoist well during lift
6-19-10     Contractor(Shaw) standing on handrail, no fall protection
6-19-10     Contractor standing on top of a 4 foot step ladder
6-24-10     Contractor not wearing PPE to fill LP tank
6-24-10     Contractor OSHA reportable
6-28-10     Contractor eating sunflower seeds in restricted area
6-28-10     Contractor using electrical conduit for a tie off point
6-30-10     Contractor injured in laundry
7-1-10      Mudballer dust out
7-1-10      Contractor(Shaw) on 4th floor FMB with Red Lights on and no respirator
7-1-10      Contractor(Shaw) caught sleeping, removed from site
7-1-10      2 Contractors(Shaw) quit
7-2-10      Contractor developed rash on neck and wrist doing waste removal
7-2-10      Security employee thumb burning after making rounds
7-3-10     Contractor received rash on nose.
7-4-10     Contractor received rash on face.
7-5-10     Contractor hung lawn mower in fence.  Had to be pulled out.
7-6-10     Contractors worked Prepared Feed Hopper with no confined space permit.
6-29-10 to 7-6-10     Contractor had major rash on skin from KOH exposure.  Joe Johnson fought to keep it from being reported.
7-5-10     Contractor damaged Cylinder Wash building.  (Union was blamed, even though we had been locked out since 6-28-10.)
7-7-10     Shaw worker not wearing hard hat.
7-7-10     Contractors with visitor badges unescorted.
7-7-10     Electrician contractor received HF exposure to face while changing shunt switch.
7-7-10     Contractors performed a lift with no barricades on exits or doorways.  (Not the first time.)
7-7-10     Two contractors with visitor badges caught unescorted. (Became defensive when confronted.)
7-8-10     Torch hose fire.  (Code 1 fire)
7-12-10     Contractor suffers heat stress.
7-13-10     Purge on B top hydroflourinator sample leg broken causing dust out of greensalt.
7-14-10     Contractor "near miss" at sampling plant while welding on auger lift platform.
7-14-10     Greensalt dust out on 1st floor and basement of Feeds Material building.
7-15-10     Memo is passed out to Shaw contractors forbidding them from reporting incidents to Honeywell Dispensary and/or Honeywell 
employees.  They are now required to report only to Shaw supervisors or Rick Carraway.
7-16-10     Shaw opens their own First Aid Department consisting of a first aid kit in one of their trailers.
7-16-10     Major environmental spill near KOH building.  (Incident report taken)
7-22-10     Alan Cherry cuts leg on crab claw while taking out trash.
Red Lights are visible on the 4th floor.  It seems as though since we've been locked out that Red Lights have been on more days than they have been off.  The DE wash out continues.  Not only is the company setting a record for the longest time with out UF6 production, they are also going for the record of the longest wash out in history.  We are 24 hours away from our committee bargaining in good faith, we hope that the company has the same intentions but we aren't holding our breath.  The body is 100% behind our committee.
July 24, 2010
Members have began receiving insurance coupons in the mail, be sure and bring those to the meeting Thursday at 4PM.  Also there are school supplies available for those who need them at the Union Hall, thank you to Tom and Sheila Wolfe for their donation.  There is still no UF6 being produced!  The contingency plan was to start UF6 production by tomorrow, but that has now been pushed to August 7th.  We'll see.
July 23, 2010
Yesterday, after the scab appreciation dinner, Alan Cherry received a four inch cut on his leg from a crab claw sticking out of a trash bag.  So, the scabs brought crabs, and the crabs left scabs, it's like their own little circle of life.  Had an amazing day visiting with local businesses, giving them flyers for the August 7th Rally and putting out yard signs.  The community of Metropolis is supporting us more than could ever be expected.  Red Lights remain on the 6th floor for Green Salt filter work.  Honeywell reported today a 4% increase in second quarter profits compared to the same period last year.  Second quarter earnings increased to $468 million as apposed to $450 million last year.  Net sales were $8.16 Billion.  They must be awfully busy in the plant this morning, some one had time to email our website and post to the website topix within minutes of getting in the plant.
July 22, 2010
The Red Lights are back on the sixth floor.  There has been a letter of Force Majeure sent to Converdyn's customers which is essentially a standard clause in most contracts that lets a supplier out of their responsibility to provide product for reason out of their control, i.e.  natural disaster, failure of a third party subcontractor, ect...  Converdyn is the sole selling agent for the Metropolis Plant's UF6 and it looks as though Converdyn is trying to wash their hands of the situation.  The problem with that is that Converdyn and Honeywell are one in the same.  Converdyn was a joint venture between Honeywell and General Atomics when conversion prices were low.  This clause does not typically cover a GREEDY employer LOCKING OUT their workforce who are willing and ready to work.  We would like to thank Bill's BBQ for dropping lunch off at the line today, it was delicious. 
July 21, 2010
There is work being done on the Fluorine Booth scrubber.  Shipments of empty cylinders came in today, but not sure why, we know they're not getting filled.  Fliers are going out for the August rally, come out and support us. 
Yesterday, a seasoned Shaw worker was treated for heat exhaustion.  She was working in the south laundry where our regular workers typically work 16 hour days with no issues.  Where do they get these people?  These are supposed to be the creme of the crop.
Dean Palmer will have a great resume after this gig.  "Longest consecutive lost production at Honeywell, Metropolis."  And there's still no light at the end of the tunnel for you, Dean.  You will be lucky to make UF6 by December.  We wish you well, though.
Megan Konieczny is upset about the amount of phone calls that she's been receiving.  Maybe you shouldn't have given your number out to everyone in the plant.... 
July 20, 2010
Well, not much to report on today.  Ore Prep and Green Salt have been down for 24 hours.  Still no UF6 being made, which means there is still a boat load of money going out and ZERO dollars coming in.  The Cavallo drivers have moved hotels, more to come on this later....   With one week before negotiations resume we are in full support of our committee and trust them 100%.  Honeywell has made tomorrow "Scab appreciation day".  They are serving cajun food to all the shaw workers.  We heard a menu of "scab legs" with extra "cheese".  Apparently they made it a whole week without a "reported" injury.
We can't say enough thank you's to everyone following the site.  Every day seems to break previous visitor records.  As of 10:00 P.M. tonight we have had another record day.  Does anyone even go to Honeywell's site anymore?.... I didn't think so.
July 19, 2010
A little advise for whatever "genius" is running Green Salt this morning,  the HF goes IN the process not OUT the stack.  A nice size plume can be seen coming out the scrubber stack.  Dean Palmer and Larry Smith have both added security cameras to their homes, can't say I blame him though, with all of the reports of thefts at the lake.  I'm sure Honeywell paid for that.  "Controlling costs is everyone's responsibility."  (I guess they don't count.)  On a lighter note, one of our trusted security officers, Megan Konieczny, has taken a fondness to the Shaw rats.  She was spending some quality time with them over the weekend, giving out union members phone numbers so that the scabs could have some one to talk with. 
A sincere thank you (no sarcasm) to the shaw worker that contacted us this weekend about your safety concerns.  We are using that information today..
July 18, 2010
We would like to thank all the wives and family for holding the line for us Friday so our brothers and sisters could attend the meeting.  We would also like to thank everyone that has been following us through this website.  Since June 18th, we have had over 55,000 hits!  Yes, I said 55,000!  Lets's keep it going on here and on facebook. 
Reese Smith had a "Joe Johnson" night over the weekend and was shooting off his mouth at WWW(a bar in the bottoms) and said that our union had better take whatever contract the company offers or we will lose our jobs.  Well we have a message for Reese and the rest of management.  We will take a contract whenever they offer a fair one and NOT ONE DAY SOONER!  At the plant they have Green Salt running, but still haven't figured out how to put it in a cylinder and sell it to their customers.
Earlier this week (Wednesday), while the rest of the salary personnel have been working without a day off, Dean Palmer took his family to Venture River.  Way to go Dean.  Can anyone else have a day off?  Please?? 
July 17, 2010
Another day, another violation.  Yesterday, contractors were caught shoveling sludge from the wet oxide dust collector into a trench.  Not only should these muds have been put into drums it was tested and found to be acidic and the workers did not have on PPE(personal protective equipment).  Of course Dean Palmer defended the workers actions, which brings the question of who's watching the watchers?  The bus drivers were either texting or taking pictures of picketers on the way out today, either is illegal to do while driving in this state.  One of the busses broke down on the side of the road today, which is not surprising if they run them like they run the plant.
July 16, 2010
Had a great union meeting at 4:00 today, with an awesome turn out.  Thanks to Big John's for the meal after the meeting.  We are as strong as ever, one day longer, one day stronger.  A BIG THANK YOU goes out to the I.U.O.E. brothers from EEI who walked with us yesterday.  It looks as though the Cavallo bus drivers received the same driver training as the Shaw workers.  A couple days ago a Cavallo bus was caught speeding through town and  did not notice the police trying to pull them over until almost reaching I-24.  Another Cavallo bus has been driving around several days and nights with a headlight out.  I wish there was more to report on in the plant but quite frankly they aren't making anything to report on.  There have been more details being finalized for the Rally on August 7th.  There will be a march through town to Fort Massac State Park where drinks and hot dogs will be provided as well as some special guest. 
July 15, 2010
The Company told Shaw workers today that this situation may last a little while and asked them to stick around for the long haul.  The workers were told that they "might" be eligible for a few permanent jobs after the lockout is over as long as they would agree to keep working.  Then they gave them some fruity looking Honeywell ball caps.  That ought to make it pretty easy to spot them around Kentucky Lake.  This is that same company that has encouraged these workers to not report injuries.  Boy, you Shaw workers will believe about anything won't you.  You will be discarded just as soon as this is over.  There are no permanent jobs for you here and you will never be welcomed here. 
On another note, you might want to send down the Shaw attorney.  One of your "highly skilled and certified" (not to mention, "safest in the industry") workers ran over the foot of one our local workers today while driving a Shaw truck!  I guess all that training didn't include basic driver's training.  I'll bet you're much better at the controls of a fluorinator.
The company shipped out a few cylinders today, but don't get too excited...... it was all product that we made before we were locked out.  What are you going to ship out after that's all gone?  Have any of the customers agreed to accept Green Salt instead of UF6?  We didn't think so.
Lights can be seen flashing on the 1st and 2nd floors.  Hey, just in case no one told you guys, that stuff is supposed to stay in the pipes.  When it gets out, those red lights get turned on... 
BTW...  Thank you to Honeywell for paying your unemployment insurance premiums.  We started receiving our piece of that pie today.  I'm sure your premiums won't go up that much over this.....  
July 14, 2010
Meeting was held to plan a community rally on August 7th. Our salary personal have torn up a Green Salt Train, but what else would you expect.   We had another record day yesterday for hits to this site and would like to continue to thank everyone who visits.  There appeared to be some core sampling where the proposed Lithium plant is going, will be more to follow on this in the near future.
July 13, 2010
Apparently there has been another dust out, the Red Lights are now on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors.  There was an overwhelming turn out this morning for Retiree Tuesday.  There was more security this morning at the front gate, but no worries, not one retiree tried to get into the plant.  They are conducting a drill this morning at the plant at 10:30am.  Hopefully the Company has improved on their response from the Code 1 last week.  Also noticed this morning that their wasn't much running in the plant this morning other than the busses.  We received a letter from USW local 13173 President Chris Leavitt from the Cameco conversion facility in Canada expressing their support and assistance to us.
July 12, 2010
Red Lights are also on the 5th floor of the FMB.  We are gearing up for retiree Tuesday tomorrow and expecting a large turn out of support.  There have been a large number of empty busses pulling in and out of the plant.  The company could probably get limo service for what they would save in fuel from the empty busses.
July 11, 2010
WOW!!!  The pressure is building.  Last night Joe Johnson got plastered at Tail Gators.  We can't really blame him.  He hasn't had any time off and his conscience is probably eating away at him from all the lies he's been telling about the injuries in the plant.  Red Lights are on the 6th floor.  With all the talk of Honeywell losing money why would they be building a brand new LiPF6 plant?  The Department of Energy put a report in the Paducah Sun today that  says that it would bring in over 100 construction jobs and 34 permanent jobs. You can access the entire document here.   
July 10, 2010
The FMB seems awfully quiet today.  For those salary employees who must do their job, we understand and there are no hard feelings.  For those who are taking joy in this lock out, you know who you are and so do we, it will not be forgotten in either circumstance.  It looks as though for now the Company has put restrictions on their illegal surveillance however the surveillance teams are still in town so they're probably up to something.  That must be another let down because illegal surveillance was the only thing they seemed to be "running" this past week.
July 9, 2010
The Company has kicked out Cesa (a local union contractor) in lieu of more out of town temporary Shaw workers.  Apparently it wasn't enough to affect 230 local families and their communities, they want this to reach far more households.  The Company has been busy whining and crying on their website.  Check out the July 8 update here.  Please visit their website.  It looks like they aren't getting many visitors anymore.  (On another note...  We want to thank everyone for visiting our site.  We had a record high number of hits yesterday.) 
The Company should know that our Committee will bring back a contract when it is worthy of a vote and NO SOONER.  The Company keeps referring to their loss of money.  Answer this Honeywell....  We know you spent $380,000 on catering for the salary personnel and you are spending $30/hr plus daily per diem on Shaw workers.  (approximately 150) And you have chartered 6 busses for a month.  Plus additional security. Plus trailer rental. Plus additional wages for salary.  For a grand total of $$$$$$$$$??  Why don't you post that on your site.  How much UF6 have you made?  NONE!  You are running raw materials through one single process.  This is what you keep referring to as "reduced operations".  How many millions will you spend to try to strip us of our benefits?  It won't work.
It's impressive that they keep speaking of Shaw's safety record.  How about explaining to the public about the Shaw workers fired for sleeping, those who failed their drug test, the Code 1 from yesterday, the lost work day injury.  Tell us why Joe Johnson is not reporting injuries.  If I worked for Shaw, I would be concerned.  If an injury goes unreported, it never happened.  That means that you can never get any help with treating it.  Shaw workers beware....  They don't care about you either.
July 8, 2010
There was a Code 1 at 2:15 p.m.!  Replacement workers were welding at Wet Process and started a FIRE.  Only ONE Red Hat (First Responder) responded immediately.  It looks as though management is going to continue this until there is a fatality.  We received more details from a very knowledgeable source today of the Federal Grand Jury investigation into to Plant Management of Metropolis Works.  The Grand Jury hearing is taking place in St. Louis, Mo and concerns RCRA and environmental violations.  Apparently, the Department of Justice has gotten ahold of a memorandum from the Plant Manager instructing supervisors to disregard RCRA and environmental laws.  We will be further investigating this matter ourselves, but it looks like trouble in the future for our managers.
July 7, 2010
The man-lifts in the FMB kicked down all night once again.  Apparently it takes more than three weeks to train these replacement workers how to "step on, step off."  Jesco was in the plant today to vacuum out the oxide dust collector.  With all the engineers one would think they would be able to figure out why it is passing.
July 6, 2010
We have had our first LOST WORK DAY INJURY ALREADY.  Red Lights are visible on several floors, meaning they still have not identified and/or corrected what is causing the "dusting" problem.  The injured worker called in today citing a rash which he attributed to work done in wet process.  Joe Johnson is making an attempt to cover this up which further exemplifies the question, "Do they REALLY care about worker safety or just the APPEARANCE of safety?"  There have been many safety violations today including workers not wearing respirators, and also there was a report of a tank entry done WITHOUT A PERMIT.
July 5, 2010
Red Lights were visible on several floors.  Someone drove a fork-lift into the cylinder wash building but no one seems to know the driver. That's some coincidence.